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So much information. So little time.

Sometimes you just need to ask a few questions. Or get a guided tour of what's new.
You might have a favorite piece of software that's just been updated. Like XP to Win8 or iPhone to Android.

It might be a new responsibility at work or a project for social media.
Perhaps you're starting a small business to showcase your talent and passion and you're wondering where to start.
You've got a goal. You've got the smarts.

You're just not sure quite sure how technology can help you pull it all together.

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Computer Coaching to the rescue.

Start by joining our awesome community—The Right Clique.

Why is it called that? Because I was astounded by this Microsoft fact:
75% of Windows users never RIGHT CLICK their mouse button
Oh my! That's where all the goodies are!

This Clique is easy to join and no mean girls allowed!
Seriously, come hang out with this vibrant group of life-long learners.
It's free. It's fun.
And we're waiting for you.

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